Sunday, November 26, 2006

High Times, Like Back In The Day

Good weekend. Chilled with friends from AY(meaning Aylmer). Smoked way too much weed, my brain is fried right now. And with it all form of motivation. So this'll be short.

It's been a month I've quit smoking cigs. I'm quite happy. Especially always being surrounded by smokers. I played the bitchy non-smoker all weekend, especially with my boyfriend. :P I might as well have some fun with it, cuz quitting sucks! And I'm packing on the pounds. Munching like a mofo. I'll eat anything I lay my little(but getting fat) hands on.

Alright, gonna chill in bed and watch South Park. Later fools!

Listening: Miss Kittin - Kiss Factory


Dee said...

ahh scott! <3

Tracy said...

haha, lol! Just keep checkig back, there might be a sexblog every now and then :P

Megan said...

ive never been a smoker (weed or cigs) but i imagine it's not easy quitting!

your boyfriend looks sexy. but i know i can't have him. =P