Tuesday, December 12, 2006

If I can Escape...

Hey all! Woo, done school! ALL DONE! Finished all my exams, my essays and my presentations. I'm so happy. And I think I've decided to go back in January. I hadn't decided yet. Seeing as I might be moving to Vancouver, and the credits I'm accumulating won't count towards the school I plan on attending, it seemed like it was somewhat a waste of time(and money). But who knows, I might count for something eventually. And just working is boring as hell, I've finally gone back to school, I shouldn't quit now. And my parents would be super disapointed if I quit school once again(not that they're paying or anything...lol). Anyways, even if I work I full time, I doubt I'll save much. I know myself! :P

Other that finishing school, nothing much has been going on. I've been a lazy mofo, staying in, watching way too much South Park and smoking way too much weed. Good thing is I still haven't started smoking cigarettes again. Woo! Over a month now. I'm quite proud of myself.

Omg, new addiction: HEROES! Fuck that show is great. I wasn't expecting to like it so much. I watched all 11 episodes in 2 days! (Yeah I know, I have way too much time off haha) It's so good. Got my roommate hooked too. My boyfriend kept saying how great it is, but I hardly trust his judgement, our tastes and opinions on what's "good" severely differ. But for once, he was right. But now I have to wait till Jan. 22 until they come up with new episodes. WTF?! I'm so pissed, I want new Heros NOW!

So Christmas is coming up...and I haven't done my shopping yet. I have 3 gifts done, which leaves me with... around 15. Haha. My roommates are having our own little Xmas here on the 24th. Some friends are coming over and so is my boyfriend, as we're doing a gift exchange(small gifts under $5 for everyone). Then I'm heading back home that night with the boyfriend and my friend Deb, and going to see the family. Unfortunately my man can't come along...makes me sad. His family are complete DOUCHES! So I'd really like to bring him to my family...but they haven't reached that point in acceptance...yet. So I don't know how much time I'll stay at home, I want to spend most of the time with him.

Alrighty, time to get ready for the hell hole(a.k.a. work). Laterz!

Listening: Lauryn Hill - I Get Out


Kris said...

Everyone is so thrilled to finish school I see! I don't blame them though, I don't know if I could handle school atm. I hope you enjoy your time off now! :)

Eunice said...

ahhh i love heroes too!.. ever since lost started to suck. i finished all my finals and work too.. doesn't it feel GREAT! i'm always trying to quit smoking so i'm just proud of you that you quit, good job man! happy holidays!

Marz said...

Hey Scott! My gosh, it's been forever, hasn't it? =) Glad to see that you're back on the internet. =)

Hope that you got your Christmas shopping done since the last time you updated. I haven't even touched my list yet. So much work. =)
Enjoy this holiday season. =) Bring on 2007!

Corvida said...

You really do have wayyy too much time on your hand Scott! I think I should move to Canada. I'm so sick of America. And stay in school! You like it and there's really no reason for you to not go back, so take your ass back! Don't forget to take pics of your xmas!