Monday, February 5, 2007

Makes Me Hot

Woo! New M.I.A. always makes me happy. She finally updated her Website and her Myspace. It's her new video and (I'm guessing) single, Bird Flu off her upcoming album "Power Power". It's hot hot hot, love the song and the images. Can't wait for the new album. Here's the video:

In other music news, Pitchfork is reporting that Bjork has set a release date her new(and untitled) album. 05/05/2007 was the date that appeared on, although it is now replaced with XX/XX/07, but placed between 05/04 and 05/06, which would lead us to believe it'll be released May 5th. Aaaanyways, all that to say that I'm fucking pumped for this new album, the reported collaborations sound sick!

I'm out! xoxo